Sunday, August 23, 2009

DURRELLY: 30 but stil Flirty!!!

Imagine if you were to come home to find your house decorated with peach and brown balloons and streamers--what would be your first thought?

A. Olivia Newton John and Charlies Angels were in town
B. The Cleveland Browns were coming for dinner
C. It was Durrell and Shelly (aka Darrell and Sheila) big 30th wedding anniversary

If you guess "C" treat yourself to some peach wedding mints because you're right!! Or better yet come to the Smart house--we've got extra. We would have enjoyed some time with the Browns or the Angels, but in June when the 'rents celebrated their big day we wanted to help the remember how it all started. We all happened to be home that weekend since it was Shea's missionary farewell; o yea and Father's Day AND Grandpa Hague's Bday AND Darc and Brent's wedding anniversary. Not wanting to under shadow the 'rents big event, we busted out Peaches and Herb tunes, sprinkled the house with confetti, and in true Smart fashion planned a "program". (It is moments like this I wonder if Brent and Nick reconsider the attachment to the Smart family)

The Wolverine partied until the wee hours of the night--by 9pm he was "planning" his big anniversary trip with the She wolf.

We're grateful they are still "flirty" even after 30 years!