Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twinkie Twins

When I was a super senior at BYU and Syd was a freshman, in order to increase our sister bonding time; we decided to take a class together. However our majors were not even remotely related so we decided an elective course would be the way to go. As the older, wiser sister I suggested we take an ice hockey class based on the following factors:

1. We’re half Canadian and our Grandpa played so it’s totally in our blood

2. We’ve seen all the Mighty Duck movies—it didn’t look that hard

3. I had always wanted to take the class and I couldn’t find anyone dumb enough willing to take it with me

4. It might be a good chance to meet boys

5. It would be a great work out

6. I knew we’d have some awesome stories

Looking back, I actually think I registered Syd for all her classes her first semester and might have snuck the ice hockey class in there unbeknown to her. Anything for a chance to bond with my sister, right? On the first day of class, I realized I may have overestimated our abilities. But that was the least of our worries. As I looked around the rink, I noticed the class was seriously lacking members of female sex. On the first day there was one normally looking girl, besides us, but that was the last time we saw her until the final day of the semester. There was one other “girl” but she more closely resembled the opposite sex—she body slammed boys like they were feathers. She didn’t really count as a member of the “pink” team which left Syd and I to represent the ladies in our class. As if we didn’t stick out enough, we showed up to class one day (unknown to the other sister) in matching outfits—pale yellow sweaters and black yoga pants. One of our socially awkward teammates nicknamed us the “Twinkie Twins” and our fate in the class was sealed. After that day, Syd was so mad at me for signing her up; she rarely spoke to be during our class. We both passed the class, grateful that our grade was not based on our ability to score, pass, or skate.

Fast forward a few years, I still love hockey and am the proud owner of my own hockey skates and sticks (even if I rarely use them). I love any sport that allows players to duke it out until they fall to the ice before the refs will break it up. It’s hard core and not for the faint of heart. DC has a team, the Capitals, and they actually did pretty well last season. I was lucky enough to win tickets to last week’s game. We ended up having great seats—10 rows up on center ice—right in the middle of all the actions. Unfortunately, the Caps lost but we did get to see 2 great fights. Hockey brings out an interesting crowd and the house was packed. I brought Melissa with me and was so glad I did because she flirted her way to free diet cokes from the guys next to us. It didn’t matter that they were old—anything for a free diet coke! It was a fun night and brought back so many great memories of the glory days of the Twinkie Twins!! Syd, should we bust out the skates at Christmas?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come Back!!

The past 6 days have been pure bliss!! Between late nights chats, great dinners, shopping trips, and a little bit of touristy stuff, Mom and Patty have been spoiling me like crazy. We fit a lot into their visit like a White House tour, Arlington cemetery, Smithsonian museums, Capitol tour, eastern market, and the Holocaust museum. I even dragged them to my work conference and our 4th Annual I fall for Fall party. Mom and Patty made the jaunt to the east coast and the party didn't stop until they got back on the plane to go home. I am seriously going through withdrawals. I loved getting some much needed motherly advice and being spoiled by gifts, shopping sprees (Patty and Mom in a mall is a dangerous combo!), homemade meals, and great restaurants. Please come back soon!!! But next make sure to do a better job of screening calls from Big D and Lil' D. They each called on average every couple of hours and once because they couldn't find any bread in the house. Call me crazy but when most people run out of bread they go to the grocery store to get more. Just a thought.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank You, Darel

Thank you, Darel, for letting the Smart Family relive its glory days

Thank you for pretending to be asleep so that Syd and I could make our surprise complete

Thank you for not judging us when we wore these all weekend.

Thank you for giving me a reason to squeeze these babies

Thanks for allowing us to celebrate our favorite oldest sistas big day

Thank you for giving Brent a reason to bust this shirt out. It's a tragedy we missed getting a picture of him in his letterman jacket. Cole and Keith were sad to learn that Number 41 is now retired at WVHS.

Thanks for giving Durrelly one last opportunity to walk the red carpet at the WVHS Homecoming Game.

Thanks for allowing Syd to wear this all weekend.

Thanks for allowing Syd and I a chance to babysit these guys. It made us have a deeper appreciation for Darc’s life.

Thanks for helping Cole put on his “hat”

Thank you for allowing me to fly 3,000 miles to serve your friends dinner like an unpaid waitress (I would have taken a picture but I was too busy serving plates of Shelly’s deliciousness to the 30 teenyboppers scattered around our house)

Thank you for representing the last of the Smarts so well at WVHS

Thank you, Darel, for keepin’ in real