Friday, May 29, 2009

Chelsea- Part II

I forgot to include a picture. (This is for you Mom)

Chelsea - More than a Name

I must confess I was very intrigued when Chelsea asked me to find Latin roots of her name. It was hard work (definitely worth $8 an hour, possibly $9?) and I learned some extremely valuable things about my most cultured sister while researching her name.
No joke, the first thing that came up was this: A North American slang term for a particular hairstyle popular with female skinheads. Needless to say I was quite shocked, but not worried. For those of you reading - it only get better.
While most of you know that Chelsea is a particular area of London, England, I bet you didn't know that it is often referred to as the "global ultra prime residence area" of London where it is "equally fashionable and expensive." (1, Wikipedia) Not a coincidence for sure. It is also known for it's small but chic LATIN AREA where many famous LATIN restaurants reside. I also compiled a list of important and influential people that have occupied the same area that our beloved sister is named for including:
Sir Francis Bacon
Eric Clapton
Johnny Depp
Judy Garland
Gwenyth Paltrow
JRR Tolkien
Margaret Thatcher
Mark Twain
Il Divo
AND Bob Marley wrote his hit "I Shot the Sheriff" in a one-bedroom flat in the Chelsea area.
In ancient times, the word Chelsea was written as Chelchith (Chelsea with a lisp?). Fortunately for Chels, the Brits eventually got the pronounciation right. Chelsea actually means "a landing place for chalk or limestone" (Bet we would have listened to Dad more on our trip through Southern Utah if we knew that all the limestone was related to Chels)
One in every 140,441 Americans is named Chelsea, but I was not able to find more than one Chelsea Jan Smart! Chels - you are SO original.
The sum of the alphabetical order of letters in Chelsea is 53, which makes her arithmetic buddies with words like Daring and Vocal.
One variation of Chelsea is the Latin name Chela, which is also the Latin slang word for beer. The nickname for Chela is "Che" as in "Che Guevera." One again - not a coincidence.
The Chelsea Drink was a low alcohol carbonated beverage created by Anheuser-Busch in the late 1970's. It was advertised as the "not so soft drink."
It is easy to see that our favorite East Coast sister is not simply another Chelsea. She is special, and so is her name. One again Durrell and Shelly - you guys have out-smarted us all.

*Pictures of Snick's new life are soon to come.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Truly Bored...and Truly French.

Its been a while since I've posted on the family blog and because I am so bored at work right now, I figured I would share with everyone the details of my monotonous day. Secretly, I love my new job. The people are nice and the phone never rings, so I get to read books (of my choice) all day. I've already organized every closet to be organized and color coded every pen/pencil box to be color coded. I've even arranged the post-it notes in an incredibly beautiful display. When my eyes start to go cross-eyed I usually take a break from reading. Currently, thanks to Mom, I'm reading a really great book called the 'Poisonwood Bible.' But that isn't the point. The point is, I have learned more at my new job than I have in a long time.
My very wise husband suggested that I start researching things on the internet so my brain doesn't get "fried." I asked him yesterday what I should research first and he said Stingrays. So I began my search on wikipedia and read all about Stingrays. Did you know they can grow up to 35 feet wide? Its true. Well, stingrays did kill Steve Irwin, so what did I do? Researched Steve Irwin. His wife is from Eugene, OR, where Nick served his mission - coincidence? I think not. After learning the hobbies, bloodtypes, and pet peeves of the Irwin family (Steve, Terri, Bindi and Bob) I went on to some slightly more intellectual topics including the origins of stainless steel cooking pots and Angelina Jolie.
Eventually, France got the best of me like it always does. I began looking up my favorite pieces of art in Paris and surrounding areas. Then I researched some of my favorite French artists (Rodin mostly). I was feeling quite French. I decided to check the origins of my name to see if possibly...I was meant to be "la premiere francaise" or the first french woman. For those of you who are bored and simply reading this to be polite, this is where it finally gets interesting. My name Sydney is technically an English name, BUT derived from a VERY VERY VERY french source. Saint Denis, the patron saint of my beloved country France is the root of my seemingly English "surname." When pronounced with the proper French accent, Saint Denis sounds more like S'Denny which equals Sydney in English! Needless to say, I not only felt extremely proud, (for Saint Denis is carved front and center on the Notre Dame) but also truly French. It has always been something that I have battled with throughout my life. Knowing that I had deep French roots, but not sure why. Fortunately for my future prosperity, they will experience the best of all three countries - America, France, and of course Ireland. Durrell and Shelly - You two were truly inspired when you named me. How can I ever thank you?

Monday, May 4, 2009's official!

Hotter then Brangelina, posher then TomKat, SNICK became official in the Newport Beach Temple on May 1.

The whole fam got together last weekend in southern Cali to celebrate the happy couple. Despite our craziness, Nick still wanted to join our clan. I think Shea is pretty excited to have more testosterone around.

Syd of course looked amazing and Mom and Dad survived planning another wedding. Don't worry D & S only 3 more to go!

The twinners welcomed their new uncle by chowing down on the chocolate fountain and lots of in and out burger. They also enjoyed smothering Nick's family's "Hop Hop" but luckily it was pretty resilient. Nick's family was wonderful and so patient with all of us!

We are excited to have a new member of the Smart fam. I am hoping Syd hasn't mentioned Christmas caroling with reindeer antlers, trimming bushes with headlamps, or pool basketball--but I guess by this time its too late. SNICK-enjoy the honeymoon-Congrats!