Monday, June 25, 2012

Mr. Personality

Every once an awhile you meet someone who truly defies all your expectations.

Someone who makes you laugh at all the right moments.
Someone who blows your mind - literally, makes you wonder how such individuality exists. 
Someone so weird you like it.
Someone who can know everything and nothing at the same time.
Someone who inherited all the right genes.
Someone you can't live without.

That someone, is Mr. Personality.

Sweet, weird, talkative, odd, hilarious, imaginative Cole.

He truly is the comic relief, the class clown, the odd duck - and we love him for it.
I'd like to share a few conversations I had with Cole this past week.

Cole: Hey Syd, have you ever been to the secret underground battle?

Syd: No, I haven't Cole.

Cole: Do you think Mom would take me there someday?

Syd: I don't know, maybe.

Cole: You know, someday, like when I'm five.

Cole: (as I'm entering the playroom to put Evie down for a nap) Hey Evie can't come in here because I'm watching a really scary gorilla movie (King Kong) in here and it will scare Evie.

Syd: Well Evie is going to sleep in here right now.

Cole: Well the movie will scare Evie and I think it will scare you too Syd so you can't come in here.

Syd: I think you should wait until Dad gets home to watch that movie Cole.

Cole: (Pensively) Okay, I will wait five minutes for Dad to get home and then I will watch it.

Cole: I want to play Superhero Basketball (which is basically chase) with Sydney and Darel. Darel you can be Pink Pepper. And Sydney is Evil Rosie. And I'm Horn Dino.

Later while playing...

Cole: Hey! You're not cheering for me. I'm not Cole. I'm Horn Dino!

Even later...

Cole: I wanna be in a basketball game and Dinos don't wear shirts.

And even later...

Cole: I need my basketball helmet on.

Cole: My monster feet made my feet hot, so my boots are colder. (Explaining why he's changing into his rain boots)

Three minutes later

Cole: My boots are too hot so I need my spiderman shoes on.

At 9 AM
Cole: How many cookies have you had today?

Syd: Two.

Cole: That's going to make your muscles small. I'm going to eat a lot to make my muscles big. And eat grilled cheese too.

Syd: That's good Cole. That's got a lot of protein.

Cole: How much protein is in a grilled cheese?

Syd: I don't know, maybe 5 or 6 grams, depending on how much cheese.

Cole: No, I think there's thirty-nine hundred.

Syd: 3900?

Cole: Yeah.

Cole: Hey Sydney, look what I can do to bad guys. Keep your eyes at me for three minutes.

Two seconds later.

Cole: Actually, I have to put it together so keep your eyes at me for four minutes.

Five seconds later.

Cole: Now keep your eyes on me for five minutes. See? Thats how I get the bad guys.

Ten seconds later.

Cole: Here's my new weapon all made by me. I'm creating a new weapon.

Cole and I are writing a graphic novel (more and this to come).
As we were naming all the superheroes in our story, we had this conversation:

Syd: How about Twinkle Toes?

Cole: That's not a superhero name!

Syd: It's not? Well what should we name mom?

Cole: Firewood. Mom will be Firewood.

Syd: Are you sure? A superhero named Firewood?

Cole: Yeah. Mom will be Firewood.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with this:

Cole calls himself "Night Sky" when he's dressed like this. He insists that we call him "Night Sky" when he wears this get up. He even asked me to get him a "Night Sky" costume for his birthday.

I seriously love this kid.