Monday, October 26, 2009

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Well, at least half of that is true. Chels may not be striking it rich working for the U.S. Agency for International Development, but she is definitely famous. Check out her quote in the George Washington University Medical Center paper: (4th paragraph)

For those of you who may not know, Chels was the driving force behind a HUGE conference this month for global health professionals, GW students, members of the military and the general public. Over 1,000 people attended and she was the Head Honcho (or is it Honcha if you are female?) Regardless, the event was an enormous success.
There is no rest for the tireless jet-setter as she is off to Israel later this week. Did I mention that the government flies her first class on all these trips? How's the high life up there, Chels? Bring us bottom-dwellers a souvenir would you? Just kidding. I know you'll be hard at work saving the world, one family planning tip at a time. We all can't wait to hear about your trip but PLEASE be careful!

Below is a snapshot of her most recent work-related trip to Africa. Cheers to another stamp in your passport. I swear I'm joining you on one of your adventures soon. I'm beginning to forget what the world looks like beyond my front door.

By the way, I think my house qualifies as another planet, so consider visiting us sometime soon! I can't guarantee a stamp in your passport, but you'll get lots of loves from your favorite nephs and niece.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


U2 Concert center stage concert tickets: $100
Gas to the concert: $15
Hours had to leave early from work in order to get a place ten feet from Bono: 2
Earplugs I should have bought: $10
Pre concert Diet Cokes: $1.59
Being winked at by Bono and getting the Edge's sweat dripped on me: Priceless

In order to celebrate the end to LSAT studying, we bought tickets to see U2 live in the flesh and ended up about 10 feet from them the whole night it was magical!

Melissa described it best in an email to friends who weren't there. She sums up the night here: "Well, considering I hardly have a voice and I think I have permanent hearing damage - I would say it was one of the best nights of my life! Their stage was a circle and there was a section (the inner circle) blocked off right in front of the stage and we were in it! We were SO CLOSE to BONO!!!!!! And The Edge; one word - HOTT!! It was really AMAZING! The only thing that could have topped it was if we got to go on stage with them. When Bono came a cross a bridge 3 feet from me singing "She Moves in Mysterious Ways" I think I wet my pants a little bit! When the crowd was a moving sea of people jumping up and down during "Elevation" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" my heart was pounding so hard it almost came out of my chest! And when our group was swaying in a giant group hug during "With or Without You" I seriously almost cried! The night just went on and on, great moment after great moment!"

I may have wet my pants a little and cried too!! Someday I will tell my kids about this and remind them that there was a time when I was cool.
PS. During one of Bono's musical pauses he mentioned his work in Africa--does that mean I can write this off as a work expense??