Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shopping therapy

My sistas are doing this together in Portland without me and I'm jealous.

In order to feel apart of the fun, I went shopping today. Nothing like a mall to channel my favorite ladies!

PS. I gave into societal pressures and started my own blog...Check it out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

If you want Princesses, Marry a Queen!

Of our many most excellent family mottos, perhaps the recent is the best yet: "If you want Princesses, Marry a Queen." It truly captures my life in a nutshell.
Above is a picture of the Smart Family Royalty, all in their West Valley High School Homecoming Crowns. Hey, what is Keith doing in that picture?! Keith and Cole kept asking to wear a "hat" as well. Keithy keep staring, maybe someday you'll have the panache to date a pretty girl that wears a crown.

This post was prompted by Lil' D's selection as the 2010 West Valley High's Homecoming Queen. This is apparently a big deal for young women. Actually, it seems to be a big deal to women of all ages. I don't remember Brent being all that excited to be on West Valley's Homecoming Court, nor do I remember Shea being disappointed that he was not chosen to be on Court. So I can only assume that interest in this event is basically a matter of gender.
Below is a picture of Sheila as a member of the West Valley High School Homecoming Court in 1977. Pretty cute, huh?!

Our future Princess, Baby Ally.

Below is a family picture that amply demonstrates that who you marry truly matters. I married the best looking girl that I could. My children should be eternally grateful for my determination to marry up--way up!

Sydney frequently asks, "How did YOU (pointing to me) get THAT (pointing to her mother)?!" Indeed!